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Saint Paul University Catholic Center

Music Ministries

A choir made up of students from St. Paul’s

As Christ himself came “not to be served, but to serve” (Mark 10:45) so too musicians at worship are servants of the beautiful and prayerful expression of the Word through the medium of Music.

Musicians play an essential role in the work of God that is the liturgy. They leave an indelible impression on the minds of all who take part in the worship of the faith community. Music in the liturgy is so much a part of the fabric of worship that if it is done well, it gives a glimpse of the Divine and facilitates the prayer of all present. If it is poor or inappropriate, it tears the very soul of the rite, interrupts the prayer, and diverts attention from the mysteries being celebrated.

Why become a music minister at St. Paul’s?

By choosing to be a member of the Music Ministry at St. Paul’s, you are making another kind of commitment. Philosophically, you are actually making a series of commitments. You are committing yourself to relationships: with a small group of people (the musicians themselves) and a large group of people (the faith community at St. Paul’s); to a set of ideals: the need to express yourself in music, the need to be exposed to and experience different styles of music, the need to pray – to be connected to God and to realize music helps you to do this, the need to share your faith and musical talents beyond the doors of a church building. This promise is not meant to be stifling to your person, but a reminder of the value you place in honoring your beliefs. We are diminished when you absent yourself from the group and the larger community. We are enhanced when you share yourself and your talents.

Getting involved is as easy as talking to a choir director after Mass, or contacting them directly.

  1. 9:30am Mass

    Patrick Francis
    Rehearsal Time:

  2. 11:15am Mass

    Carl Buttke
    Rehearsal Time:

  3. 6:00pm Mass

    James Langford
    Rehearsal Time:

  4. 9:00pm Mass

    Zach Shulfer
    Rehearsal Time:

Opportunities also exist for:

Chamber Choir and Candlelight Choir:
If you would like to participate in one of our choirs that meet during the week, please contact Carl Buttke for more information and to set up an audition: Auditions are held during the first two weeks of each semester.