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Saint Paul University Catholic Center

Parish Registration

As a parish serving the local college and faculty/staff communities, any students and faculty of UW-Madison or surrounding colleges are invited to become a registered parishioner at St. Paul’s.

Alumni, parents and other Catholics who wish to support this effective mission are invited to join the Foundation which provides the means for St. Paul’s to offer sacraments and highly impactful programming to thousands of students each year.

Student Registration

Welcome! Registration at St. Paul’s University Catholic Center at UW-Madison will let us contact you regarding activities you express an interest in and make it easier for you to get connected to the dozens of opportunities, events, and groups that happen throughout the year.

(Don’t worry, you can register at St. Paul’s even if you belong to a parish in your hometown.)

Please take the time to participate and get involved with the thousands of other Catholics at the UW-Madison campus. We look forward to meeting you and greatly appreciate you taking the time to register!

  • If you do not live in any of the listed residence halls, please list your street address in the "other" field
  • If you are a student at another institution, please list your school and year in the "other" box

  • Please select all interests that apply to you