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Saint Paul University Catholic Center

Holy Matrimony at St. Paul’s

Welcome to the St. Paul’s Marriage Webpage!

Whether you have already set the date, or don’t even have a fiancé and are just trying to think ahead, we are happy to answer any of your questions regarding what will most likely be one of the most important moments of your life. If you do not find your questions answered here, feel free to email or call us. God bless you!

Marriage at St. Paul’s

Marriage Requirements

Who can be married at St. Paul’s?

Anyone who has no impediments for a Catholic marriage and can obtain a valid license from the state of Wisconsin can potentially be married at St. Paul’s. In order to have no impediments to a Catholic marriage, one of the parties must be a baptized and confirmed Catholic, and the Catholic party must promise to do all in his or her power to raise the children in the Catholic faith. After adequate preparation, the couple must promise to stay married for life, provide each other mutual loving support, and be open to having children. A more comprehensive but non-authoritative list of impediments to a Catholic marriage can be found in this Wikipedia article.

Because St. Paul’s is a student ministry, the priests at St. Paul’s are only permitted by the bishop of Madison to witness the marriages of students, and faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and alumni whose marriage will take place within two years of graduation. However, the priests of St. Paul’s may witness other marriages with the permission of the couple’s pastor.  Moreover, a couple may have their wedding at St. Paul’s if they have permission from the pastor of their current parish.

Can I have another priest other than a priest at St. Paul’s witness our marriage?

A couple may invite a non-St. Paul’s priest to witness their marriage at St. Paul’s with the permission of the pastor of St. Paul’s and approval, by the bishop of Madison, for the visiting priest to witness the marriage at St. Paul’s. This is normally granted.

Can I be married at St. Paul’s if I graduated more than two years ago or never attended the UW?

Any Catholic can be married at St. Paul’s with the permission of a pastor of his or her Catholic parish. Younger couples that have not yet established a tie to a local parish often ask the pastor of the parish where they grew up. If you currently regularly attend St. Paul’s but are not a student, you will be asked to seek membership with the parish closest to your residence.