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I’m Not a Baptized Christian but I think I Want In

Your Journey to Life in Christ – RCIA

His words, his deeds, his life – there’s something about them that tell us that this is the Truth.  There’s something in him, something about him that can’t be found elsewhere in all the world.    His life was truer and freer than any other that’s ever been seen or spoken of.

Maybe that most of all, his freedom – he was free in a way that we long to be.    He had no fear of what the world could do, of what the world could take away.  He knew he had something that couldn’t be taken, and it made him free.

He had something of limitless value, and he was free to give it away.

And this, he said, was something that’s meant for us, a gift freely given.    This was what he offered, what he promised us, a different kind of life – full, uncompromised, and uninhibited – Resurrected Life.

For those who want this for themselves or just want to learn more, there’s something here for you .  It’s called the Rite of Christian Initiation, in particular for those who seek it as Adults (RCIA).  We call it RCIA for short.

Who do I talk to?

If you want to begin this process or just to find out what it involves, what it’s like, here’s who you can talk to about it:

Fr. Luke Syse, Director of RCIA,

In the mean time, check out this video:

Here are some other great resources: