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Saint Paul University Catholic Center

I’m Kind of Curious…Sort of

Catholics are kind of different. How come?

Many years ago a man born among the most religious people in the world spoke a message that at once astounded and fascinated, perplexed and transfixed, them. Some left their homes and the lives that they knew to follow him; and some decided his message couldn’t be tolerated, so they killed him.

And he came back.
The World did its worst, and he came back more alive.
And he told his followers that THIS was the message – Resurrected Life.

He appointed some, the first among his followers, to safeguard the message, to guide and feed and forgive the sins of those who believe, and to hand on this duty to successors.

We are Catholics because we believe the message of Resurrected Life, and follow the successors of the successors of those men.

We’ve experienced the best that the World has to offer, and have found something far better. We’ve come to know ourselves in a new light, in his light, and it has brought us joy. And we feel the Resurrected Life coming alive within us, day by day, more and more.


And we can tell you about what this is like:

1. In One on One Private Conversation

One of the best ways to start exploring a life of faith is meeting with someone who can help you seek answers to your questions.  We highly encourage meeting with a Badger Catholic Peer Mentor.

2. With People Like You who want to know more

St. Paul’s offers a great number of small group bible studies that take place at different times of the week and at various locations throughout the campus.  Contact the St. Paul’s small group coordinator at

3. Where Catholics get together and Share Their Stories

On Thursday nights at a gathering called Alpha Omega, the St. Paul’s student community gathers together in a large group to pray and share their stories.  This is great way to hear how other students are living out their faith on campus.

4. Where you can Get Away, Get Quiet, and Get to Know the Faith

A great way to get to meet people of faith and to explore what it means to be a Christian is to go on a retreat.  Two retreats that we recommend is the SPK RETREAT and the WINTER RETREAT.


Here’s some things to check out in the mean time: