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I Am Catholic but not yet Confirmed

Confirmation- You are Chosen

Is getting Confirmed a big deal; does it matter?

On the day of Pentecost, those who had come to believe in Resurrection Life received an anointing, a blessing that marked them, which took the form of flames descending from heaven.  They had had already been baptized and even encountered the Risen Lord.  But there was still something more that God wanted to give them, something they needed.  The anointing they received on the day of Pentecost was a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit.

On the day we were baptized the Resurrected Life was born within us when God the Father, Son, and Spirit came to dwell in our Soul.  We’re not saved by grace though, just for our own sake.  God has a design, a purpose, in which he wants every believer to share.

We have a Mission, each of us, one unlike any other, and it will take more than we have in us to accomplish it.  We need union with the same Spirit that animated Jesus, and so we’re given Seven Gifts that make our souls suited to his presence.

In the sacrament of Confirmation we renew the vows of Baptism, and we make a pledge to live out this Mission.  The sevenfold gift itself is bestowed through a tangible experience, an anointing with balm scented oil blessed at Easter.  If we’re disposed to receive it, it can be, as it’s meant to be, a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit.

To prepare ourselves to receive these Gifts and live out this Mission, we undergo a period of learning, prayer, and purification.  It’s the same process by which new believers prepare for baptism and non-catholics prepare to be received into the Church. It’s called the Rite of Christian Initiation, in particular for those who seek it as Adults.  We call it RCIA for short.

So why is Confirmation a big deal? – Because YOU are a big deal.

Who do I talk to?

If you want to begin this process, or just find out what it involves, what it’s like, here’s who you can talk to about it:

Fr. Mark Miller, Director of RCIA,

Here are some videos to check out as you think about it:

What Happens at Confirmation?

Fr. Robert Barron on Confirmation

Pope Francis on Confirmation