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Saint Paul University Catholic Center

Structure of St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s Catholic Student Center (St. Paul’s)

The St. Paul’s Catholic Student Center is the entire mission, that is, the religious worship, program activities, paid staff, lay volunteers and parish members, operating at 723 State Street, Madison, Wisconsin.

Three entities cooperate in functioning of the St. Paul’s Catholic Student Center:

  1. St. Paul University Catholic Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation)

    The St. Paul University Catholic Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit, member-based corporation organized under Ch. 181 of the Wisconsin Statutes Members are all registered students who attend St. Paul’s and all benefactors who contribute over $100 per year. The Foundation owns all the property of the Parish and the Center, and by long-standing arrangement with the Diocese collects the offerings of the Parish services and otherwise raises all the revenues to pay for property upkeep, staff payroll (including clergy), and program expenses of Badger Catholic not covered by the university student fee system. The Foundation is overseen and operated by two bodies.

    1. St. Paul University Catholic Foundation Board (the Foundation Board)

      The St. Paul University Catholic Foundation Board is made up of the Bishop of Madison, the Pastor of St. Paul Parish, two UW-Madison Students from the Foundation, and 7 laymen elected by the Foundation. The Foundation Board has the fiduciary responsibility for the operation of St. Paul’s and gives general assistance, with the Pastor, to Badger Catholic. The Bishop of Madison is the president of the Foundation Board of Directors. The Foundation Board is moderated by a chairman elected by the members of the Foundation Board and entrusts most operations of St. Paul’s to an Executive Director, normally the pastor of St. Paul Parish.

  2. St. Paul Parish

    St. Paul Parish is a canonical entity established by the Bishop of Madison to ensure the proper pastoral care of all students, faculty, and staff at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. It also includes previous students who have graduated in the last two years. The pastoral care of the parish is entrusted to a Pastor appointed by the Bishop.

Organizations officially associated with St. Paul