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Saint Paul University Catholic Center


Fr. Eric Nielsen

Pastor - Executive Director of St. Paul University Catholic Center

Fr. Eric Nielsen has been the Pastor of St. Paul’s since 2006 and a priest of the Diocese of Madison since 1995. The oldest of seven children, Fr. Nielsen grew up in Oshkosh, graduated in 1984 from the UW in Civil Engineering, and entered Mundelein Seminary in 1990. As a young man he enjoyed a lot of outdoor activity and travel but now spends most of his time at St. Paul’s encouraging students to focus on study and prayer as a path to know, love and serve Jesus Christ.

(608) 258-3140, ext. 113

Fr. Mark Miller

Parochial Vicar - Director of Student Ministries

Fr. Mark Miller grew up in Blanchardville, WI and attended UW-Madison, studying Material Science Engineering and Religious Studies. A convert from the Lutheran faith, he came into the Catholic Church two years after graduating and subsequently entered the seminary two years later. While in seminary he lived in Denver for three years and Rome for five years, during which he also did advanced studies in ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue. He loves back country camping and shooting pool.

(608) 258-3140

Fr. Luke Syse

Parochial Vicar

Fr. Luke Syse also grew up in Blanchardville, WI and attended UW-Madison studying Biological Systems Engineering.  He grew up in a Catholic home and thought about the priesthood at a young age.  It was at St. Paul’s where Fr. Luke discerned his vocation to the priesthood, entering seminary after graduation in 2011.  After two years of seminary in Detroit and four years in Rome Fr. Luke returned home and was ordained to the priesthood on June 30th, 2017.  He loves to play sports, especially basketball, and enjoys a good hike or bike ride in the great outdoors of Wisconsin.

(608) 258-3140

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