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Saint Paul University Catholic Center

Vocation Discernment Program

What is my purpose in life? Where do I fit in with God’s plan? How do I decide what to do?

Learn tools to help you grapple with these questions, spend time in prayer speaking to God, and receive individual, confidential guidance from an experienced spiritual director.

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Who should participate in this program?

This program is for anyone who wants to know what to do with their life and who wants God to be a part of that decision AND for anyone who wants to gain tools to be able to hear God’s voice with greater clarity. What you learn will help you discern and live out God’s call to your primary vocation:

Authentic Vocation

An authentic vocation is always the result of a call from God and man’s free choice to respond. In the drama of this encounter, Christians find the real meaning of their lives. This program will give you the spiritual tools to hear and answer God’s call to follow Christ in your particular primary vocation. God has granted each of us the great gift of free will, and He desires our choice.

Program components


The class is led by Fr. Greg Ihm, the Vocations Director of the Diocese of Madison, with guest speakers for some of the sessions. You will learn about each primary vocation, methods for discernment, leadership roles in the church (both clergy and lay), and God’s plan for every person.

The class will take place in the Badger Catholic Office (333 East Campus Mall, 3rd floor) on Sundays, 1-2:30 pm, beginning Sep. 18th

Spiritual Direction

The following Spiritual Directors are available to help you identify the movements of the Holy Spirit in your discernment. It is your responsibility to schedule regular meetings with your Spiritual Director every 2-3 weeks.

Silent Retreat

In the silence of extended, contemplative prayer, a soul can most clearly hear God’s voice. The three-day silent retreat in April will provide much-needed time for prayer and meditation, Mass, and spiritual counsel.

Men’s retreat: Nov 11-13th at Holy Hill near Oconomowoc, WI

Women’s retreat: Nov 18-20th at Durward’s Glen near Baraboo, WI

How do I sign up?

Simple! Attend the class on Sunday at Holy Redeemer or email Irina ( to show interest, even if you’ve missed the first week.

Because discerning a vocation is one of the fundamental things we do as young Catholics, participants must make a full commitment to the program. If you are interested in participating in the program, but have a scheduling conflict, please contact Irina.


Contact Irina: