Saint Paul University Catholic Center

St. Paul’s Koinonia Retreat

The MOST EPIC Retreat Experience


Spring Koinonia Retreat, SPK 19: March 10-12, 2017

“Koinonia” is Greek for “Community”.  The St. Paul’s Koinonia Retreat is the most EPIC retreat experience that St. Paul’s has to offer.  It is a great way for students to build community and, together, learn about the beauty and richness of the Catholic faith.


Because of the popularity of the retreat along with the limited number of spots, there is an application system in place for the retreat.  Priority will be given to UW students, to those who have applied for the retreat before, new students, and lastly, we will also take into consideration the timing of the application.  All applications have to be submitted online.  If you have any problems with registering online, please contact the retreat coordinator at

Registration Fee: $45; $35 if you have not gone on a St. Paul’s retreat before

Non-UW Students: Because it is our mission to serve the students of UW-Madison, UW students must remain our priority.  We welcome non-UW students and young adults so long as the UW students have been accommodated.
Payment: You may choose to pay online with a credit card or mail in a check.  Payments online will include a small transaction fee
Payment Deadline: For your application to be given priority, you must submit BOTH an application and payment before Friday of the week before the retreat.  After that date, priority will be based on the timing of when BOTH the application AND payment are completed.
Refunds:  Full refunds will be granted up until 11:59am on the day a week prior to the retreat.  After that date, refunds will not be granted.  Full refunds will be given to those whose applications were not accepted.  Online refunds will be subject to a transaction fee.