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Saint Paul University Catholic Center

Foundation Membership Policy

  1. Students may register on-line or by pew cards, or any other sign-up process that specifically indicates the signing student becomes a student member of the St. Paul University Catholic Foundation.
  2. Non-students can become community (Roman Catholic) or supporting (non-Catholic) members by demonstrating a recorded contribution of $150 or more in the calendar year preceding the date on which, under the Bylaws, the Pastor must certify the members entitled to vote for the purpose of a special or annual meeting.
  3. Membership status should be communicated to all potential donors by all reasonable means, including without limitation, the annual report on fund raising, the annual donation receipt letter to donors, pledge cards, the Foundation’s web site, and other mass communication opportunities. Members may withdraw from registration as members by communicating such intention to the Foundation’s business office.

To Clarify:

  1. One does not have to be Catholic to be a member of the Foundation.
  2. Students automatically become regular members of the Foundation by registering on-line or by filling out a pew card.  This membership ceases with graduation or withdrawal from the University.
  3. Non-students automatically become supporting members for the year following a recorded contribution of $150 or more.
  4. Membership in the Foundation grants the right to vote at the annual meeting or any called special meeting.
  5. Foundation membership confers no specific legal or moral responsibilities and confers no rights other than previously stated.
  6. One can withdraw from Foundation Membership at any time by contacting the business office.
  7. More specific information about Foundation Membership can be found in the bylaws in the link below.


PDF Goals of the Corporation and Bylaws

For Questions contact:

Carolyn Averill
723 State St
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 258-3140